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Our Motto: Go To Solar Company When it comes to installing Best Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Hybrid Solar Solutions and Solar Installation Services for Residential and Commercial Customer

Opera Solar was established in 2018 with the vision of providing sustainable and innovative solar energy solutions to home and business owners from the solar power system. Since then, we have built an enviable reputation for reliable, affordable, and quality Solar Solutions for homes and businesses. We have a presence in New South Wales with more than 300+ customers, 30 strategic solar manufacturers and local solar distributors and 310+ installed projects of over 3300kW residential and commercial solutions.

Being a New Energy Tech Approved Seller, we only work with handpick CEC accredited solar installers network. Our team consists of professional, skilled, and experienced engineers with an Electrical and Electronics background with over 20 years of combined experience in residential and commercial projects to thrive every day to make a difference in our customer lives in the way they generate, consume and store clean energy whilst contributing to our Mother Nature.

We are proud of ourselves and our team for offering excellent personalised service and strive every day to be the pioneers in the solar industry. We understand our customer’s needs, requirements and objectives and change their habits in contributing to reducing carbon emissions.

We offer tailored solar power systems and battery storage solutions based on our customer preferences as each customer choice is unique. We only sell CEC approved solar products having the best quality and highest warranty that are built to last longer in harsh Australian climate conditions.


To empower and inspire everyday Australian home and business owners to transit from fossil fuels to sustainable, affordable, and innovative solar energy solutions, which will lead us to net zero before 2035


  • Personalised approach and empowering our customer to produce, consume and store energy- 100% Clean, 100% Green and 100% Affordable
  • Installation of Solar systems with the highest integrity and safety, setting the benchmark in the solar industry
  • Experienced and Skilled Team comprising of solar installers and energy analysts driven by Leadership, Passion, and Purpose
  • Strive to be the most recommended solar installation company providing high-quality award-winning solar panels, batteries and exceptional before and after-sales support

Our Commitment

We aspire to empower everyday Australian homeowners and Business owners to generate, store and consume electricity. They achieve this through innovative solar panel technology combined with Best Solar Inverters and Better Battery Storage Solutions. This delivers a Cleaner, Greener, and Sustainable Energy Future for Generations to Come.

It’s the new era of clean energy with Opera Solar Energy- Your Long Term Trusted Energy Saving Partner.

We Have Discovered A Solar System:

S – Save

Y – Your

S – Self

T – Time

E – Energy

M – Money


Our Values reflect our specialisation as an expert in the Solar Industry staffed with personnel qualified across various technologies and engaging with clients at all levels.

We strive to understand our client’s energy needs and objectives to advise on the right Solar Energy and Battery Storage Solutions for decades to come. We aim to develop an in-depth understanding of each client’s energy needs now and in the future through personal attention. We then design a tailored solar power solution that best suits those needs.

Our Service offering is second to none and we go to great lengths to ensure our clients’ needs are met. We know when an inspired and motivated team applies the right education, they can change their life and the world. We know solar PV technology, end of the story. We have been around for years and if it is solar, then we know about it.

Why Choose us

Personalised Approach with One Point of Contact in every step of your Solar Installation journey

Installation process carried by Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers Over 310 installed commercial and residential projects with combined experience of 20 years

We only install World’s Award-Winning Brands of Solar Panels, Solar Inverters and Battery Storage Solutions

Obligation-Free site assessment and Energy consumption analysis for your Home & Business


Tailored Solar Solutions with 3 Solar Packages provided to make your Solar Investment decision as simple as a-b-c

100+ 5 Star Reviews on Google- Your Search for the Best Local Solar Company starts with us

Customer focus is central to the Opera Solar Energy team. We will go the extra mile to support our customers in any way we can. We offer our customers a myriad of additional services, such as technical support, product advice, and PV system design assistance. Our industry-experienced in-house team of Clean Energy Council (CEC) qualified engineers carry all services out. Our engineers work to develop an exceptional product offering and provide design support and technical assistance where needed – another fantastic service for Sol Distribution customers.

The Team Behind Opera Solar