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Borger Cranes Project 64kW with SMA Inverter

Borger Cranes being one of the well-known brands for crane hire and their workmanship, partnered with Opera Solar to open the doors of clean energy at their commercial property. The project was fulfilled by firstly designing their system with a 64-kW massive configuration, then meeting customer requirements and installing the system.

Borger Cranes have seized their energy independence. Are you looking for the same for your commercial property? Talk to us about your commercial solar panel installation, including Finance Options, Tax Benefits, Solar System Leasing and much more.

DLS Electrical

DLS Electricals installed with a 11.375 kW solar panel system and a Fronius 10kW inverter, the panels for this job were REC N-peak with 25 years product warranty and 25 years performance warranty.

The panels were of 325-watt power class. All the panels were installed in landscape to optimise the roof space and fit the maximum number of panels to achieve the highest available output.

River Produce Farm

River Produce is a Fresh Produce Grower and Supplier and has trusted us to deliver huge savings on their power bill with a reliable and long-term energy solution.

The installation was done using a tier 1 panel and inverter. The system size is 20kW and can support the whole farm’s energy needs on a bright day.


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