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Opera Solar Energy delivers tailored solar solutions for all homes, big and small, across Sydney, Newcastle & the Central Coast. View our residential projects to see some of the custom solar systems we’ve installed. 

Trina & Fronius

This customer has chosen the Trina Panels and Fronius inverter, our most popular Sydney Solar Panels System for large homes. The package features a 12.54 kW configuration, with 34 Panels installed on the roof, each panel with a 370-Watt power class, and a 10 kW Made in Austria inverter installed indoors in the garage.

This Premium Package delivers excellent value, and the Return on Investment will be in 4-5 years, with maximum energy freedom.

Sonnen Battery with Solar Panel System

A solar panel System with a Sonnen Australia battery is a future proof combination. The electricity generated during the day is being used, and the surplus energy is stored in the Sonnen Battery to be used at night-time.

Longi and Huawei

With a Single-Phase meter box, the customer wanted value for money with a Battery Ready Inverter. They opted for Huawei Inverter with Longi Panels for a 6.66 kW System, the most common Sydney Solar System for small homes.

The inverter comes with a 10-Year Warranty and mobile monitoring app and can be plugged into a battery anytime in future. The Power Bill was reduced to $400 during winters and credit during the summer months. The return on investment for this system and usage is 5 Years.

Longi and SMA

SMA inverters have ShadeFix technology that helps the inverter to maintain the overall output even if some panels are in the shade without using optimisers or microinverters. SMA inverters do not use fans for cooling; instead use active cooling technology, making the inverter noiseless when operating.

SMA also comes with a 5-year extendable warranty up to 25-year to give customers complete peace of mind. The installed system is a three-phase system with an 11 kW total panel rating and 10 kW inverter rating.



Amongst the very few panels manufactured outside China, REC is one of the most reliable, with a 25-year Product and Performance warranty with ProTrust retailers. This customer has selected the REC solar panels with a Fronius inverter for a 3-phase 11.16 kW large solar system.

The REC alpha panels are full black with black frame panels that gives a good aesthetic for the property and the highest quality performance. This Singapore manufacturer has one of the lowest warranties claimed in the panel making industry, with 400 panels returning from a production span of 4 million panels.


Optimisers are fitted to every panel to make the panels work independently, so, if one panel is in the shade it will not affect the output of the other panels.

The customer has selected the SolarEdge inverter with Optimizers and SolarEdge monitoring app to maximise the system output. The installed system is a medium size 7.5 kW solar panel system, the panels installed are REC alpha with a 25-year product and performance warranty.

Trina and ABB

ABB is a very well-known electrical manufacturing company that also makes inverters. The inverters are made in Italy and comes with a 10-year warranty.

The installed system is on a single-phase connection with a panel rating of 6.66 kw and inverter rating of 5 kW. The panels installed are from Trina, and come with a 15-year product and 25-year performance warranty.


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