Buy Quality Buy Once, Buy Cheap Buy Twice!!

A good solar install is comprised of 3 things:

1.Experienced installers
2.Installation skills
3.Installation with roof care

But most of the installers in this industry lack all the above-mentioned quality.

There are high chances that you might have to fix a leakage on the roof due to poor workmanship, and many other things that can go wrong opting a cheap install!!

What are the things that can go wrong?

  • Roof Damage: Broken tiles, nut-bolt without washers, unsealed cracks.
  • Cables lying on the roof: Cables connected with a messy design can look poor on the roof & can be dangerous.
  • Panels outside the roof alignment: Wind can detach panels from the roof rail & can compromise with safety.
  • Meter connection: Digital meter needs to be installed after solar, if not done customer can be fined.
  • Unplanned panel placement: Design is very important aspect of an installation & is always taken for granted.
  • Inverter installation with poor wiring: Poor wiring near the inverter is aesthetically bad & potential fire hazard.
Burnt Meterboard
Burning Inverter
Burnt Solar Panels

Some mistakes can be identified with naked eye, but some mistakes are hard to know unless assessed by a professional, and those mistakes costs a lot to get fixed.

What if you do not find a fault within the period of 5-year Workmanship that most installer provide?

Do not Worry, we provide you a 10-Year Workmanship Warranty and all the support you need beyond that.

Yes, this many thing can go wrong but why do they go wrong?

Employing non approved CEC installers to cover the low cost being use, rushing the job to attain 2 jobs in a day to achieve the volume, installers being lazy to do the right thing.

Want to know more about quality solar, contact our team of experts on 1300 271 430 or reply to this email.

And if you want to know about the installation process, discuss with our customer service representative.

“The best time to install a sole was 5 years ago, and the second-best time is now”.

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