Buy Quality Buy Once, Buy Cheap Buy Twice!!

A good solar install is comprised of 3 things:

1.Experienced installers
2.Installation skills
3.Installation with roof care

But most of the installers in this industry lack all the above-mentioned quality.

There are high chances that you might have to fix a leakage on the roof due to poor workmanship, and many other things that can go wrong opting a cheap install!!

What are the things that can go wrong?

  • Roof Damage: Broken tiles, nut-bolt without washers, unsealed cracks.
  • Cables lying on the roof: Cables connected with a messy design can look poor on the roof & can be dangerous.
  • Panels outside the roof alignment: Wind can detach panels from the roof rail & can compromise with safety.
  • Meter connection: Digital meter needs to be installed after solar, if not done customer can be fined.
  • Unplanned panel placement: Design is very important aspect of an installation & is always taken for granted.
  • Inverter installation with poor wiring: Poor wiring near the inverter is aesthetically bad & potential fire hazard.
Burnt Meterboard
Burning Inverter
Burnt Solar Panels

Some mistakes can be identified with naked eye, but some mistakes are hard to know unless assessed by a professional, and those mistakes costs a lot to get fixed.

What if you do not find a fault within the period of 5-year Workmanship that most installer provide?

Do not Worry, we provide you