Mistakes While Choosing Solar System

Do Not Make These Mistakes While Choosing Solar System!

Before buying a solar system, here are some facts to consider and a few points customer needs to consider. Even if you have done research there are some facts about your solar system that you are not aware of, we at Opera Solar are here to help you choosing a PV system that will suit your needs and make you avoid these mistakes. Opera Solar will provide you with solar quote comprising of best solar panels and inverters. We are amongst the best Sydney solar panels installer and retailer as per our google reviews. Following are the common mistakes people make while choosing grid connected and off grid solar system:

1.Don’t Trust Salesperson You Cannot Meet in Person

Aggressive marketing in the solar world is very common and unattractive way of attracting more customers, as an informed customer you want to make decision after checking the background of the company and meet the salesperson to solve your queries, on which solar system panels to install on your roof? We at Opera Solar come to you and pay you a no obligation visit and discuss the possibilities of a solar system after assessing your roof space and energy meter.

2. Not Having a North Facing Roof or Think Your Roof Has Shaded Region

Efficiency of the solar system is highest when the panels are placed on north facing roof in Australia, but does it mean you won’t be able to take advantage of the solar system if you don’t have a north facing roof? No, having panels installed on the east and west roof will only decrease the system efficiency marginally (9-13%), but it has its advantages too, you get sun exposure early if we install panels on the east facing roof and late sun exposure if we use the west facing roof. Our expert team of engineers at Opera Solar Energy can help you by designing the most practical, aesthetic, all green and efficient system as per your roof conditions.

3. Not Getting the Right Size Solar System Installed

Getting a system smaller than your requirements will affect your future energy goals. Having a system that suits your current and future requirement is very important, having an expert advice from our solar energy specialists will help you choose the suitable system size and give you the required information to make an informed decision.

4. Not Getting the Right Solar Deals for your homes

Companies these days are selling solar panels at a very high price to make more profit, some companies charge AU$ 20,000 for an AU$8500 system and some companies are selling products for AU$ 2200 for a 6.6 kW system using cheap labor, unreliable panels, and inverters. If you are looking for a reasonable solar panel system at a reasonable price with guaranteed installation and quality, talk to one of our solar experts today and we will be happy to assist you with a new system or replacing an old system. From our Google Reviews, you will be able to see that we have assisted so many customers in Sydney, Greater Sydney, Central Coast, New Castle, and in regional New South Wales with Solar System at a competitive price. Talk to us today, and the issues discussed above will not be issues anymore for your home solar panels. We are trusted Australian Solar Installers and will look forward to discussing how to make your home and/or business free from the shackles of ever-rising power bills.

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