Industry Best Solar Panel Installers

Are you looking for a trusted solar panel installer in Sydney ?

Do you want to produce your own electricity and reduce your power bill by 80% in the first quarter! The cost of the electricity is rising day by day, install a solar system from a trusted solar installer, you need to install a solar panel system that is right for your home from a trusted installer.

As our dependency on electricity increases and family grows, we need more electricity to support those needs, and solar is the answer for it. By choosing the best solar panels and reliable inverter solutions can save you money for your future and here is where Opera Solar helps you and your family members with electricity bills and helps towards a greener environment.

We have partnered with Sydney’s Local Installers who have at least 4000 installation experience. Opera Solar is a trusted solar panel installer that has been installing solar panels for Sydney families for over many years and has more than 560 (and counting) satisfied, happy customers.

Why choose Opera Solar as a Solar Panel Installer ?

We have a team of Clean Energy Council certified solar panel installers for all our jobs. Our solar panel electricians have combined experience of over 17 years and have delivered more than 560 Installation including Home and Commercial jobs for us.

We have grown our Business with double the revenue on word of mouth recommendation. Our customers trust us to provide a highest quality installation attached with attention to detail at every step of the customer’s journey and we back our promise with a performance Guarantee.

Once your solar panel system is installed it needs truly little upkeep or maintenance. The team at Opera Solar will keep an eye on your solar system and follow up with you regularly. Opera Solar stand by the quality of our installation, so you, the customer has peace of mind.

What are the benefits of an Opera Solar panel installation ?

Sydney is a sunny city. Why not harness the power of the sun and choose a solar installer that Sydneysiders know and trust ?

Whilst most solar panel installers only provide a 5 years warranty on the system and a 1 year on to follow up on the entire installation. We here at Opera Solar vouch to provide 10 years workmanship on your entire solar panel installation and a further 5 years with following up.

We here at Opera Solar are with you on each stage of your solar journey and help you navigate how you can get the various government rebates and Best Deals for Solar Feed in tariffs from various Energy Retailer’s also available for a new solar panel installations and old Solar installation. By choosing to consider solar panel installation you’re helping to keep Sydney clean, green, and beautiful.

How does a solar panel installation work ?

A solar panel installation works by using photovoltaic cells to capture the light energy produced by the sun, which is in the form of DC energy and then converting that via a solar inverter to AC energy, which is what is used to power your home, also by using Solar Analytics or Smart Meter with the system the live monitoring of the system can also be observed via a mobile phone app.

We at Opera Solar can provide you with information on exactly how your installation will work to power your home or workplace from renewable energy!

With Opera Solar going Solar is Simple and Affordable.

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