10kw Solar System Helps To Save Electricity Bills

Opera Solar is proudly Australian owned and operated company that provides renewable energy solutions for homes and workplaces. We offer renewable energy solutions by offering a10 kW solar system for residential and industrial sectors.

Why Should I Choose a 10 kW System?

The most common question we come across is why should I go for this big system when I only require a 5- or 6.6 kW system? The answer to that is very simple GROWTH, as a household or a business your energy consumption is going to increase and after 5 years you might need a bigger system, then you have to install another system or add a new panels to your current system, which is not ideal. Now what if we say 10 kW system is comparatively cheaper than 6.6 kW system!!! Yes, contact us to get more information.

Inspire yourself to use the best and most reliable energy source available on earth. After meeting one of our experts, our partnership together with our experienced team can do wonders to your power bills, we offer a wide range of products that is designed in a customized way for a variety of renewable energy application. Our reliable links with the manufacturers make us sure that our products are available at economical and affordable prices and good quality. Because of stock holdings which are readily available, our solar systems provide key remote energy products to the mining sectors as well as industrial sector. 

What things we consider that makes us apart from others

Economic Rationality

Before investing your hard-earned money in the solar system, always make sure to check for an economical option. Consider the dependency on your need and area, there are many components that impact that cost viability for your business that includes:

  1. Size of the solar system

Bigger size solar system can cost fewer amounts per watt than the small systems due to the economics of scales. 

2.Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

As compared to the other power generation methods, the expenses of solar-powered systems that are generally low. All expenses may include infrequent cleaning of solar modules, customary visual examination and possible cleaning of solar modules or any other components. 

3. Solar System Production

You can get the best possible results by installing the system in the right direction and pitch that will make sure that you are getting the best results. Our overall system production also depends on the location it is placed for installation. 

Beyond solar – electricity & battery storage

Opera Solar’s advisory approach involves taking a comprehensive look to reduce electricity and energy spends. Whether it’s for recommending the right electricity tariff to suit the consumption of electricity or the designing of 10kw solar system to the battery ready for the battery storage solution, Opera Solar will assist you to reduce the amount of electricity that spend into the future and make you burden less. 

Infinite energy

We are the leading installer company with high-quality solar systems across Australia. We have a leading and best approach to the products of solar systems at different rates that we choose for our clients and back this up with a high-class customized design that meets that high standards of solar installation and devoted after-sales services. We understand that purchasing solar systems or a solar power system can prove to be a big and important decision. We are well known in the solar power industry for advisory and informative approach with no pressure that helps our clients to understand exactly, what installing a solar panel can impactfully reduce their electricity bills. 

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If you are looking to have the best renewable energy solar products than have a look at our extensive range of quality products from the most trusted company. Simply call us on 1300 271 430 or drop us an email at hisolar@operasolar.com.au for further assistance.

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