Best Solar Monitoring Systems in NSW for 2023

You have installed your solar system at your property and are delighted with your fantastic investment. However, the most crucial parameter is monitoring your investment like you track your equities, mutual funds, ETFs and real estate. All this is possible with solar monitoring from your mobile and website in your comfort.

Let’s understand and analyse the mechanism of solar monitoring and the Best Solar Monitoring Systems for 2023

What is Solar monitoring?

Solar monitoring systems provide real-time data on solar energy production from your solar system. The system provides the detailed features as set out below

  • Panel level monitoring- solar energy production from each panel
  • Solar energy consumption at your house and business
  • Export and import of electricity- Your electricity company
  • Assist in troubleshooting various problems
Why Solar monitoring is necessary?

Solar panels installed on your roof over the years silently generate electricity from the sun saving your money and reducing the carbon emissions every hour and day. Unfortunately, there can be instances when they’re not generating electricity due to any problem. Therefore, to ensure your solar system is working properly every day, you require the system to check up on them.

Moreover, it helps to diagnose the problems immediately wherever you are and helps the installers and technicians to fix the problems as soon as possible without any hassle.

What are the types of solar panel monitoring systems?

There are two main types of solar monitoring systems

  • Solar monitoring from equipment manufacturers
  • Solar monitoring from Third-Party manufacturers
1. Solar Monitoring from equipment manufacturers

There are two major manufacturers of solar inverters that provide solar monitoring as well:

  • Enphase
  • SolarEdge
Enphase Enlighten

Enphase is the most popular solar microinverter in the world setting the benchmark in the inverter space with its innovative and powerful technology. 

Enphase microinverter which can easily fit into your palm goes back to each solar panel delivering energy efficiently backed with up to a 25-year warranty giving you an assurance your system goes on and on without interruptions.

Enphase microinverters also provide Enphase Enlighten cloud-based monitoring platform. The system owners can get real-time data and historical data to monitor the energy production from the solar system. It can be operated by using either the Enphase MyEnlighten web portal or by downloading the Enlighten Mobile app for iOS and Android smartphone devices.

As you can notice from the above images, the Enphase Enlighten provides the data in a detailed and comprehensive manner.

  • Individual Panel level production
  • Virtual display of solar panels array displaying how much energy each panel produced during the period
  • Quickly helps to identify any solar panels not working efficiently based on the past data and compared to other panels
  • In-depth energy information on the production, consumption, export and import for every hour, every day, month and year wise
  • Generate and download the reports to analyse your solar system so you can save more money and use the electricity at maximum the level from your solar system

Few examples of reports accessible from Enphase MyEnlighten

  • Site energy production
  • Per module one day/one month energy production
  • Power meter output
  • Monthly/ Yearly energy production report
  • Monthly net energy
  • Multiple year energy report

The list of benefits is Unstoppable. Why it should stop? It gives you maximum benefits so you can consume the electricity at the optimum level.

**The images are real-time data extracted from our customer’s solar system installed at his house. It can be observed the excellent benefits of the solar system. Few benefits for your reference

  • REC Alpha Pure solar panels along with Enphase IQ7A microinverter technology delivering solar energy from Morning 8.00 am until evening 5.00 pm
  • Solar system generated lifetime of 988.40kWh and self-consumption of 437.39kWH
  • Amazing savings of self-consumption $154 (437.39kWH*$0.35kWh)
  • Massive passive feed-in-tariff income $39 (988.40kWh-437.39kWh=551.01kWh*$0.07kWh)
SolarEdge Monitoring

SolarEdge is one of the leading manufacturers of Solar inverters in the string category. They revolutionised the inverter with their smart technology that can be paired with power optimisers attached to each solar panel.

The power optimisers along with SolarEdge monitoring applications can provide real-time data and past data on the solar system. It can be operated via web or by downloading the SolarEdge Mobile App for iOS and Android mobile devices.

As you can clearly observe the benefits from the above images of SolarEdge Monitoring system with numerous benefits

  • Full visibility of your system’s technical and financial performance, including interactive charts and site layout
  • Solar system production, self-consumption, export and import of electricity
  • Data presentation at the module level, string level and system level
  • Comprehensive site-level and fleet-level reporting and analysis tools with an option to schedule automatic reports and export reports
  • Easily accessible from smartphone, laptop, desktop and tablet
  • Warranty and Stress-free for 25 years
  • These impressive features help installers, maintenance staff and system owners to gauge the site performance, assure the yield of the system, maximize solar power harvesting and reduce maintenance costs by increasing system up-time and resolving faults more effectively.

**The images are real-time data extracted from our customer’s solar system installed at his house. It can be observed the jaw dropping benefits of the solar system. Few benefits for your reference

  • Hyundai UF Series solar panels along with SolarEdge inverter  technology delivering solar energy from Morning 8.00 am until evening 5.00 pm
  • Solar system generated from 30/09/2022-06/10/2022 of 210.71kWh and self-consumption of 40.56kWH
  • Amazing savings of self-consumption $14 in just 1 week (40.56kWH*$0.35kWh)
  • Terrific passive feed-in-tariff income $12 in just 1 week (210.71kWh-40.56kWh=170.14kWh*$0.07kWh)

Can you imagine the customer saved $26 in just a span of 7 days? Assuming the same consumption how much can he save for a a quarter, half-yearly and yearly?

  • $3.90 every day
  • $351 every quarter
  • $702 every 6 months
  • $1,404 in 1 year

The solar system benefits are unstoppable and the electricity prices too. You don’t have the power to stop the astronomical electricity prices, but you have the right to install your solar system to save the electricity bills; generate passive income and curb the carbon emissions to protect our Mother Nature.

2.   Solar Monitoring from Third-Party manufacturers
Solar Analytics

Solar Analytics is one of the leading third-party solar monitoring systems in the market. It provides all the tools and tips to track the solar system’s performance and solar savings in a user-friendly dashboard.

Solar Analytics connects to your solar system to collect and examine your energy data providing an in-depth view of your home’s energy profile.

Their patented algorithms work in the background to provide smart insights in an easy-to-use solar dashboard and help you save more. Using automated alerts and notifications, the solar monitoring app will let you know when something needs attention.

How does Solar Analytics derive more value from your solar system?
  • Real-time live data
  • Solar energy system’s performance
  • Energy consumption
  • Savings from solar
  • Energy exported to the grid and imported from the grid
  • System is performing 100% as expected
  • Suggest when your home is ready for battery
  • Advice the best electricity plan to save more from your solar system
  • Key alerts and immediate faults diagnostics
  • Detailed calculation of your contribution in reducing your carbon footprint

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