Enphase- Best Solar Microinverter with the highest efficiency in NSW, 2023

Enphase Microinverter- Safest, Smartest and Powerhouse

Enphase microinverter comes with impressive features; the latest technologies and amazing performance for the customers. They are known for the innovation and creativity in their products ensuring the customers get amazing benefits at all levels.

Who they are?

Enphase was incorporated in 2006 with the purpose to transform the solar industry with its incredible microinverter technology that helps the customers to generate, use and store the energy.

With more than 48 million microinverters on over 2.5 million homes in more than 140 countries make them one of the most successful organisations in the solar industry. 

Why Enphase IQ7 is the energy-efficient and smart microinverter?

  1. Safest
  • In Australia, DC isolators are the major cause of solar failures
  • Enphase doesn’t require DC isolators
  • In a string inverter, if it fails, the whole system goes down leading to energy loss and reduced savings
  • In the case of Enphase, the other modules are still producing.

  2. Flexibility

  • Multiple panel orientations into the same AC branch circuit
  • No minimum number of panels is required for each string
  • Superior technology to handle s