How Much Solar System Costs in Sydney

Often, this is the question that Australians have how much does the solar system costs? There are myriad solar panels and inverters on the market; however, the system costs depend on various factors such as panel brands, type of panels, inverter brands, type of inverters, components, installation and customer service. This makes the combination of overall system costs.

As you have observed and noticed, many companies are offering a system size as low as $3000 for 6.6kW, but the big question remains are they worth it?

Let’s delve deeper and find out

But beware of the companies offering cheap quotes. We have made your process easier.

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How much does Solar System Costs?

There are various system sizes that consumers can opt for. The most common sized 6.6kW and 7.7kW solar systems would cost between $6,000- $10,000 in NSW. The prices can go up for high-end products like REC Alpha solar panels with Enphase IQ7A microinverter.

The below table shows the average solar system costs for NSW in 2022. The costs are after STC and include the entire cost of the system and GST. 

Solar Systems6.6kW7.7kW9.9kW12kW13kW
Budget Solar System$5000-$6000$6000-$7000$7000-$8000$9000-$10000$10000-$11500
Mid-Tier Solar System$6000-$8000$7000-$8500$8500-$10500$11000-$17000$12000-$15000
Premium Solar System$8000-$11000$9000-$11500$11000-$18000$18000-$25000$20000-$24000

How the solar system has become affordable for consumers?

Back in 2007 and 2008, solar systems were pretty expensive and only a few people could afford them. Moreover, the solar system concepts were not popular and consumers weren’t aware of the solar systems. 

However, between the early 2008s and late 2010s, the solar system started to take off and the government introduced premium feed-in tariffs of up to $0.60c/kWh for solar energy exported into the grid. This pushed the market sentiments amongst consumers and solar installation companies.

In 2011, the government introduced the federal rebate program which provided a massive relief to the upfront cost of a solar system. This was a major turnaround in the solar industry and motivated solar companies, and product manufacturers to roll out newer products with better technologies and excellent customer service.

As of 2021, Australia has around $3 million rooftop solar systems, which equates to 1 in 4 homes having solar systems. What’