Best Investment In 2021

Top Home Investments of 2021

Whether you are living in your dream house or own an investment property…
There is always room for improvement.
Adding renovations and upgrading your property adds value to it.
In this blog I will reveal The Best Investments that will increase the value of your home.

New Paint and Driveway Makeovers

Weather it is new concrete sealer or a new outside paint on the house,
Or a simple garden renovation,
Front yard looking beautiful is very important. And for properties… All the glitters are gold!!

Augmenting the Kitchen

Kitchen is the most connected place in a house, Kitchen is something that unites the family. However, new fixtures and appliances can make life easy for the hardest worker in the house
New tiles and lights are the way to start your renovation.

A Solar System

A solar system installed considering the house requirements and daytime usage will generate savings of $2500 – $13000 annually for 25 years for homeowners and business owners.

With the help of solar government rebates and solar incentives, the average Return On Investment (ROI) on solar is of 3.5 – 4 Years.

But…. If someone say I am looking to sell the property within the next 5 Years, then what? Why should I invest this much money?

Because you can ask for more money when you are selling your property stating that the house has a solar system.

A solar system has a potential to add 3 times the value spent on it to the house when you sell it. That is why this highly preferable investment has ranked No.1 on our charts in 2021.

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