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What to Know as a Sydney Homeowner For Your Solar Panel System

If you are a Sydney homeowner and want to install a solar system, you might have many questions in you mind regarding what panels and inverters to consider depending on your power bill, should I go with cheap solar systems, if they are cheap why is it so? This article will guide you to what you should ask your retailer before purchasing solar panels.

As a homeowner it is very important to understand your solar system and then you can get the best out of your installation. We have published this article for the customer to know what questions they should ask us, their installer.

Here are few questions you should consider asking your retailer/installer before buying a solar system. Get all the information regarding how your system will benefit you and get you the maximum saving.

11 Questions to Ask Your Installer Before Buying a Solar System

1.What will be the size of my system and how much it will produce annually in kWh in the Proposed Installation Position?

Asking this question takes you past the halfway of finding the right system, you will now know what your system will generate and will make the installer think about the orientation of the panels.

2.What happens if there is shading on my roof?

Are there any panels in shade at any time of the day? And if so, will your generation be less/affected?

3.Will my solar system produce energy in winters?

This question helps you to know your energy production in winter period and if the energy production will be low and what will be the production of your system during cloudy weather conditions.

4.How many panels will fit on my roof?

It is very important to know the potential of your roof to have panels on it. And if you are a growing family, always look for a bigger system than required that way you can satisfy your future energy needs.

5.Do I need to maintain or regularly service my solar system?

If you are living in a region with regular rainfall you don’t need to clean your panels regularly. But regular inspection of your system is important. Ask your installer to provide contact details of a local company or an individual who can maintain your system.

6.What are your responsibilities as a customer?

Know what your role in the solar system installation will be, what are the things you need to provide to the installers.

7.Who will assist you with the meter change?

We offer to accommodate on meter changes and do the applications on your behalf.

8.Who will connect your solar system to the Electricity Grid?

Will it be the installer or someone else, who will connect it?

9.How does the STCs work and how will these rebates credit?

How will the rebate be added to your system? And what will be the rebate?

10.Get things in writing and a detailed component list.

Get all the installation related details and know what you are buying from one company and what is the product value of that product, also keep them for your future reference while looking for a quote from another retailer.

11.What will be the workmanship warranty?

Some companies to cut the corners deliver poor workmanship and the customer is unaware as he/she has not been to the roof and might never climb on their roof. Having 10-Year Workmanship warranty can give you peace of mind.

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