Worried About Rising Electricity Prices

Want to seize independence from electricity power bills?

You have a lot to worry about, do not stress about you power bills, leave that to us!!

With the average electricity prices for a household in NSW being $450/Quarter, if the electricity prices remain what they are today (Very Unlikely), you will be paying $450*4 Quarters*25 Years = $45000 on electricity in a span of 25 years.

See the graph below to know what you can do with Solar installation at your home or business.

Graphical Representation of the electricity expenditure of an average household in 25 years without Solar and saving instead if solar is installed.

In the above graph all the prices are consider ideal and no electricity rates inflation are being considered.

Want to know how this can work for you get an obligation free tailored quote by clicking here or calling us on 1300 271 430 or email: hisolar@operasolar.com.au     

The solar system can also increase the property value:

The more value you add to it, will be an investment for future.

Renovating and adding new comforts to our houses has been a trend of Australian homeowners.

If you are thinking of a renovation costing $20,000 at your property think again!

  • Its not going to pay your bills.
  • It is not going to give you energy freedom.
  • It is not going to add additional value to your home.

But Solar can do all this at an investment which will pay you dividends. The cost of installing solar is fraction and will give you short-term and long-term value.

Solar is a tool that will help you reduce your power bills.

‘Best time to install solar was 5 years ago, and the second-best time is now!!”

If you are thinking of selling the property in 5-10 Years. Solar is not a dead investment; it attracts potential buyers.

Considering the Government rebates and Incentives current solar prices are low, with huge benefits.

“Make your home an example of low power bills and reduce your carbon footprint!”

Get the right advice about your solar investment and commence savings today.

Not sure what system size to choose, get an obligation free quote.

At Opera Solar, we are committed to our clients in getting best out of their systems. And we are there with you at every step, with our exciting warranties.

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